How to connect DIDWW with Yeastar PBX S20



I have Yeastar S20 PBX and I want to integrate my DID phone number in to it, is there anyone can help me with structure?


Hello Shawa,

I am not familiar with your PBX, but tried to search for some information in the web, seems it has something similar to FreePBX interface.

At first, you would need to create SIP trunk at DIDWW which would point calls to your Yeaster PBX IP or domain:

Then you would need to add SIP Peer trunk in your Yaester configuration:

As DIDWW has multiple signaling IPs you may need to add all of them to each peer trunk: - New York PoP - Frankfurt PoP - Los Angeles PoP - Miami PoP - Singapore PoP

Signaling port 5060, protocol SIP UDP

Then configure Inbound Routes to associate added DIDWW peer trunks with your extension:

Also you may contact DIDWW support, they are available 24/7 and will advice you if there will be questions.