Link Call Center app with Phone systems?



I’m using to route my DID to SIP compatible phones and also forwarded to some regular PSTN lines.
Till now I was using a SIP app on my Android phone but I have more and more problems with it. I wanted to give it a try with app that if I understood correctly can be used as a SIP client for my did. I’m just unable to figure out how to link the app with my It states I have to declare SIP lines to use with it but SIP lines are supplied by so pretty confused here !
Please confirm me also that app can be used as a full SIP client to receive/pass calls using my DID and ?




Hello Vincent, indeed can be used as a SIP client to make and receive calls on multiple OS platforms, Android is supported as well.

Depending on which version you are running. If you are using new v2 then is already integrated there:

In case you are running old v1 then you may need to create account in and add SIP credentials to configuration manually.

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Hi Tomas

Thanks for your answer and yep I succeeded to link my Android Phone Call.Center app with contact in my and have received succesfully some calls with it :+1: