Recurring problems since months of wrong CID on outgoing calls!



I start to be really disappointed of bad quality of your services !! I had already that problems few times last year and it’s still not resolved and that’s a very serious issue !
Whatever I use a SIP client connected at v2 or your app, when I pass an outgoing call it never displays my CID I have setup in but a completely random phone numbers (not even in same country as mine) which is a very serious issue for a business line !
Do you plan to fix for real one day that problem ? or will I need to change of DID supplier for a more serious one ?? That’s a basic feature that should not be a problem but looks to be impossible to fix for you !!

A very bored customer !



Hello Vincèn,

It is really sad to hear that you are experiencing such problems. Your mentioned CID issue mostly depends on a destination country to which outgoing call is made, CID which was set and routes used in that country. For some destination countries correct CID delivery is really complicated and even may not be possible due to regulatory environment in that specific country.

Best if you could report this issue to DIDWW technical support team, they definitely will check this issue and if there are possibilities to improve it.